Write Content That Matters and Improve Your Google Ranking

Author : Architechs for the Web
Feb 15, 2020

Someone writing a blog on a laptop with a snack and related materials on the table.Learning to write content for your website in a way that boosts your rankings on Google and attracts more online traffic is easy when you apply these six tips. From grammar to selected subjects, we're exploring the content components that Google wants to show users. Plus, we're sharing some of our favorite ingredients in our recipe for blog success!

Grammar Matters 
Even the best writers often overlook their typos and grammatical errors, not to mention the vast majority of the content creators on the web who post more for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and generating interest in their products and services as opposed to seeking a forum to showcase their writing talents. That said, when it comes to rankings on Google, your content should flow naturally without spelling errors and demonstrate appropriate punctuation. But, for those who do not have a passion for pursuing a writing career and want a top spot in the search returns, never fear because apps like Grammarly will highlight your errors and can even assist you with your content's overall tone. 

Be in the Know
Know that you have the tools to catch your mistakes, what do you write about? The short answer is anything that people who visit your site or store would find interesting. Start with the top keyword searches for your products and services by typing a product name and letting Google show you related searches to that item. You could also write about how your company or product stands out from the rest. Such topics are relatable, informative, and helpful. On the other hand, if you are a CPA, writing about your grandmother's cooking may not hold the interest of your site visitors. As Google wants to list the sites that will most likely answer the user's question or give the user more knowledge about the searched keyword, your cooking article will not likely assist you with getting higher rankings for CPA related keywords. An article accurately answering common tax questions, on the other hand, in a way most consumers can understand would be exactly the sort of information Google is seeking as it scours the Internet for relevant content.

Grab Their Attention 
Think of what you like to spend time doing online. Some people enjoy catching up on the latest trends or news stories. Others check in with friends or click on hilarious videos and memes. Now, consider your targeted audience's age, location, and what may entice them to click on your website link. Your articles and website content style should show the user something new, creative, eye-catching, or useful. Make it interesting to keep them engaged and curious about your other website pages.

Add Powerful Images and Videos
In this day of constant professional-grade entertainment in everyone's hand 24x7, your audience will likely gravitate towards articles, websites, and ads with eye-catching pics and videos. Unless you have a gift for graphic design or comedy skits, investing in striking photos and memorable videos will help your content stand out from other blogs, sites, or ad campaigns. Therefore, Google rewards such content additions, especially when those uploads receive a large volume of clicks online.  

Include Alt Text and Meta Data
A ground-breaking article that shares the freshly discovered key to ageless beauty while demonstrating this fact with stunning imagery and videos will still have to compete with all the other beauty-related articles online for the top Google rankings. One tip every SEO company applies when uploading images and posting content is to incorporate the built-in tools of the webpage, such as the alternative (alt) text and metadata features. This may seem going beyond the necessary steps to posting your content. However, by explaining what the image illustrates or noting the keywords found on the page, you are giving Google a summary map to your site while quickly highlighting important terms related to or found in the Google user's search.  

Make it a Breeze to Find
Taking advantage of site tools like the alt text and metadata is not the only way to ensure your content is a cinch to locate. Since Google has the enormous task of instantaneously pulling together a list of trusted and current sites with the user's keywords and related words from all available websites, a simplified website design with fast loading pages and intuitive navigation is critical to attaining a higher rank in the algorithm. Hence, treat your site and articles like your closet and clear the clutter to let Google search your content effortlessly.

As you can tell from the above tips, what you say on your site or in your ad does have a significant impact on your click-through rate (CTR), but how the content is presented and designed is equally weighted in Google terms. As you write your material, be sure to check for grammar mistakes and spelling errors with an app like Grammarly, try letting your friends and family read it before you post live to test out the level of engagement, add vivid imagery, and be aware of all the tools in your toolkit, such as the alt text and metadata features. After applying tips like the above, you'll be able to write content that makes an impact, increases your website traffic, and generates leads while your rankings improve. No English degree required!