Where to Find Quality Backlinks to Rank Higher

Author : Architechs for the Web
Feb 03, 2020

City Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's CenterHave you noticed some competitors receiving higher Google rankings? If you have checked all the marketing strategy boxes such as frequently updating your SEO-ready website content, adding informative blog articles periodically, and making social media posts at least weekly, then getting noticed could be as simple as acquiring more backlinks. Find your way to better rankings by linking with these five sites. 

The Local Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce has the best opportunities for networking, gleaning wisdom from mentors, making a difference for businesses in politics, and gaining the trust of consumers. But, it has another powerful incentive to attract business owners - the website itself. Google loves to see your website linked with popular websites that have a consistently large presence online. Therefore, as a well-established national organization dating back to 1768, your Chamber does much more than connect people through social events and political agenda. By joining the local Chamber of Commerce, your website is posted on their membership directory online. Since there are over 4,000 Chambers around the U.S. and all are linked together on a national level through the parent entity, this is exactly the sort of backlinking Google is known to reward.

The Local Visitor's Bureau
Speaking of websites that get a lot of traffic online, your city's Visitor's Bureau provides information about the latest happenings nearby, news stories, suggested places to stay or activities to try, and, of course, a listing of businesses owned by people that call the area home. Best of all, much like the Chamber of Commerce, the site admin for the Visitor's Bureau is always on the lookout for more interesting and relevant content to post that newcomers will appreciate. This translates to a chance to both have your website link added to the business listing and ask them to post an informative story you write about your business that may also be found in your blog on your site.

Local Newspapers
In addition to the Chamber and Visitor's Bureau backlinks, if it's a higher ranking within a set location you are after, then you will want your blog article or site link posted on the local newspaper's website. This may be achieved by placing an ad or writing an article about an event you are hosting or a unique quality about your services or products that is helpful or fun. As a bonus, if you joined the Chamber of Commerce, chances are your website will already be linked because many Chambers post their member directory in the newspaper. 

Trade-Related Websites
Most business leaders are members of an organization that is associated with their industry, which makes those trade sites fit the criteria of being trustworthy and visited often. Much like the Chamber of Commerce, these trade organizations help businesses grow and develop. One way they do this is by placing your backlink on their site for being a member. In doing so, the organization not only encourages other members to explore your site, but it also lets Google know your company is valid and current. In other words, Google wants to list the most active, popular, and credible businesses that have the information users are seeking on their sites and trade organization backlinks further support all of these descriptives about your business.

Compatible Businesses
Asking for every business to post your link on their site may backfire. Google is smarter than that and may think you are playing the system. Instead, search for related businesses. For example, if you own a store that sells kitchenware, you could write and donate a hit recipe to be posted on a caterer's or restaurant's website. Most businesses appreciate receiving good content that is related to their trade that they did not have to take the time to produce. They may, in return, request a backlink for their site. This works to your favor since like industries working together is a good thing for driving traffic to your site and achieving a higher ranking.

Therefore, when you devise a plan to reach that number one spot in the Google keyword search return, backlinks to your site that are strategically placed on compatible sites that already have a stronghold online is an easy way to work towards that goal.  The main thing to remember is anything that links back to your site should be natural and helpful to users who normally browse your website. After your backlinks are established, contact us using our online form to see how our proven marketing techniques can take your business to new heights. Your digital audience awaits!