What We Offered at ASD Market Week 

Author : Architechs for the Web
Apr 01, 2019

The Affordable Shopping Destination (ASD) Market Week was held this past week in Las Vegas, and we were there to participate in one of the most recognized B2B wholesale trade shows and one-stop retailer shopping experiences in the world. With an average of 45,000 people in attendance and $82,500 being spent per week, the buyers at ASD are not messing around. They are focused on getting the highest quality products and services at the best rates. The products for buyers seemed limitless, the special pricing deals were unbeatable, and the overall energy was magnetic. As for our part, we brought the magic of our own powerful content management system and expert services to help clients maneuver simply and efficiently through the complex and challenging world of online marketing.

Your Marketing BFF 
Before we can talk about Facebook, Instagram or Google My Business, we first need a robust content management system (CMS) to organize, post and edit your content online. This is why we custom built our own CMS that we call Fanspike. Where other web design companies use a shared CMS like WordPress they do not fully control, clients working with Architechs for the Web gain the flexibility and personalization that comes with using Fanspike.

The Fanspike CMS was built to turn the "e" in eCommerce into "easy". Hundreds of client sites from all over the country use the power of Fanspike daily, and rest assured this system was designed to simplify and support even the most complicated website needs. Would you like to post content on your website without taking a programming class? Then, Fanspike is the CMS for you. It performs the work for you behind the scenes so that you can add your content and be done!  

A Friend Of SEO 
You know your business needs the higher rank on the keyword search returns in order to stay competitive and increase traffic to your site. To meet this goal, most web design companies talk about their sites being "SEO-friendly". But, what does that mean?

Your website should have integrated ways for search engines and users to explore your content quickly and effectively for those user keywords. While the content you enter should also follow some basic rules of posting, the site itself should be built on a CMS that integrates social media, reduces "bloat code" to load pages faster, places breadcrumbs to give users and search engines an understanding of where they are on the site and page, and much more. Yes, there is a lot that goes into building a SEO-friendly website. The great news is Architechs for the Web has such a system with all the search engine criteria your site needs already built and ready for your content. We did all the backend work to make the experience of posting online a breeze and SEO-worry free! 

Focus On What You Love And Rev Up Revenue 
While SEO is a critical piece of moving online traffic to your website and business, there is much more we can do to help you grow your business. For example, since people are researching your business products and services online, why not create a blog to write unique, informative and interesting related content that search engines will find for users on your website as opposed to a competitor's?  Article writing and then posting those articles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business are wonderful ways to unlock the unlimited potential that comes with reaching new users.

That said, frequently writing creative SEO optimized articles is a time-consuming process. Top that off with multiple targeted social media postings each week or possibly each day, depending on your strategy, and your time and effort spent on marketing can begin to take your focus away from what you love to do. At Architechs for the Web, we have a full staff of expert writers who have a passion for developing and sharing articles tying our clients' websites to selected social media platforms. As for our clients, they enjoy the results-driven work we produce that reaches a greater number of potential customers. Of course, a larger number of new consumers searching your site means added revenue to your bottom line without interrupting your work flow.   

Experience Plus 5 Star Reviews Say It All! 
When you look for a SEO company to handle your online marketing needs, the number of long-term client relationships, years spent in the industry gaining experience and knowledge, and what the clients have to say in their reviews says a lot about the stability, quality and integrity of the company. Architechs for the Web has been in the online marketing industry developing lasting relationships with our clients for over 20 years. Simply put, working with us means getting results! 

Over ASD Market Week, we were excited to discuss Fanspike, SEO strategies, our online marketing service portfolio, and our stellar client reviews with many new and familiar company representatives. It is always a pleasure to be at ASD. Whether you are looking to buy or sell products and services, this is definitely the place to be each year!