Top Reasons we Love PPC Google AdWords

Author : Architects For The Web
Jan 02, 2019

Why we love GoogleSearch engine optimization or SEO is the reason your business listing is at the top or bottom of the search results. If you are new to the ways of the SEO bots, we have all been there. You try to use the right keyword in the suggested places to be listed at the top of the Google searches for your business, services, and products. Maybe you even take a SEO course in hopes this moves your listing further up the produced chain of business websites. Sometimes it works, and others it flops for a multitude of reasons, many of which are beyond your control.

  1. Gain More Control Over Your Results
    This is why we at Architechs For The Web love Google AdWords! For less effort, time and anxt, you can get the results you want without having to worry about SEO. In fact, you can even pop up next to your competitors who did work hard after all to earn that top SEO spot. Sorry, friends. Nothing personal, but this is just how the new game is played.

    Let’s say for example Sheila wants to find a nearby Mexican restaurant to meet her friends for margaritas. She is new to the area, so she uses a Google search to find Mexican restaurants in her location. Now, if five competing Mexican restaurants are listed and your business is last, chances are really good she will opt for one of the top couple of choices.

    Here is where Google AdWords saves the day. If you are number five on the list but your ad pops up next to the top, now you have a really great chance of getting Sheila and her friends’ business that evening! Sounds like a good marketing plan, right?

  2. Make your name more visible to more people
    However, Google AdWords can do much more. It is one of our favorite advertising channels because your name is shown to customers in a highlighted manner more frequently. This helps you with the elusive holy grail of marketing, achieving name-recognition.

    Here is an example of how name-recognition is useful with prospective customers. Dan would like to buy a specific type of camera lens, which you and another competitor in your area happen to both sell. Your competitor is listed at the top of the SEO results this time along with your site. Because you have been using Google AdWords and your competitor has not, it is more likely Dan has seen your ads regarding enough related products where he recognizes your business name. He then is more likely to purchase the lens from your store instead of your competitor with all things such as price and shipping time being equal.

    It would be like choosing between Puffs tissues and a generic box of tissues. While the generic tissue may in fact be ever so soft, you trust that Puffs will make your child’s nose happier when he or she has a cold. Both products might be wonderful, yet only one will be purchased and it is more likely to be the one with the brand name you recognize.

  3. What if the consumer cannot remember your company name when they search for products you sell?
    Beyond knowing the name of your business, which is great because it makes you more trustworthy and reputable to be known, Google AdWords continues to work to put your business in front of potential customers who may not remember to look on your website for the product they want to buy. Now, they know and trust your brand name because they have seen it a lot, and they also see it again at the right time when they search for a product you happen to sell that they want to buy.

    Also on that note, this is an opportune time to mention with PPC AdWords, you can eliminate keywords you do NOT want to result in showing your ad.  These words that waste time and money are called "negative keywords". An example might be a dentist not wanting his or her ad to be shown with all medical keyword searches, such as "broken arm". Removing negative keywords will aid the dentist in targeting the audience searching for dental services as opposed to all medical services.

  4. Simplify Your Reporting and Budgeting
    With other types of much more expensive advertising, like television ads and billboards, it is hard to quantify the results. Plus, you are limited in when your ads are shown. Google AdWords gives you flexibility on when to show the ads while tracking every click for easy click-to-purchase reporting. This method of advertising makes reporting success rates to your stock holders a breeze! Oh, and you will want to report your results because studies show an increase of 80% in name awareness per Google

  5. Who should use Google AdWords advertising?
    Good candidates for Google AdWords campaigns have an online targeted audience. The keywords you would like to use would typically relate to your services and products, and should be keywords that are searched frequently online. There are tools such as AdWords keyword planner that can help you determine the volume of searches for each keyword.

We definitely have a thing for Google AdWords! This is a must-have tool for the free organic version with the right keyword placement where you are instantly able to be in front of all consumers looking for your keyword. However, the paid per click (PPC) version with the brand name awareness, affordable cost, timeline flexibility, and competitive edge it offers is hard to beat with today’s advertising options. If name recognition is your goal, we at Architechs For The Web believe you will soon have a thing for PPC AdWords too!