Top Must Haves for Your B2B Website

Author : Architechs for the Web
Jan 30, 2019

B2B Responsive DesignYou know how important a website is to your business, but you are not sure of what features it needs to include or how to find the right web development team to build it. There are many key compenents you need your website to contain that will raise your search return rankings and attract new customers. However, it also must have an appealing clean appearance to encourage shoppers to remain on the site and return to your site again-and-again for their products and services. 

  • First And Foremost, Let's Get Mobile 
    The primary feature you need built into your site is the ability to scale for multiple devices. Your customers want your ecommerce system to look great on their mobile devices. More and more of your customers want to place orders with their phones or tablets. In today's market, businesses cannot afford to miss out on orders, reviews or website traffic because the website is not responsive for all screens. Convenience and efficiency are critical for business success! Architechs for the Web produces beautiful websites that will be user friendly on any device so your business will not miss out on sales due to a combersome website that was not designed to work on phones.

  • Designing A Site That Is Uniquely You 
    There are some similiarities in businesses within each industry, which should be emphasized on your website so customers know you offer the general products and services they are seeking.  However, your company does not run the same way as your competitors. Your goals, policies, designs, brands, craftsmanship and targeted audiences are some of the many aspects of business that may set you apart.  Maybe you have multiple locations and you need a plan for how to entice customers to visit each location. Perhaps you want to emphasize a particular service or product you offer that your competitors do not.

    Your website should help you display your unique attributes and work with your individual marketing plan for growing your business. Think of a website as a stage. The curtain pulls up when the potential customer first clicks on the URL. First impressions of the set on the stage matter whether or not that customer will linger to watch the show or leave to find another show. Customers are looking within seconds to find out both if you are offer them what they want and why they should purchase those products and services from you. 

  • Not Sure How To Design Your Unique Stage Set?
    It may be time to let a professional web design team construct a set that makes an eye-catching statement about your favorite aspects of your company. Be sure to select a web agency that has the ability to customize your website for your specific vision because even subtle differences can result in large increases with leads and sales. The team should also be aware of the targetted audience and be able to discuss your vision with their marketing team to produce the most effective site for growing your business. 

  • Simple With A Strong And Effective Performance
    Behind the curtain, there is a lot going on for a staged production. This is much like a website. We offer our clients Fanspike, our own robust content management system. That's right. No copy cat WordPress websites here! Then, we build in an abundance of powerful features designed to attract more customers, enhance their purchasing experiences, and give you greater control over your data.

    On the staged front end, these hard-working features seem effortless as you and your customers navigate easily through the attractive pages with a clean appearance that will keep customers interested in learning more about your company and products or services.  Yet, the really cool back-end tricks such as integrating with useful reporting tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels will make measuring your marketing performance a breeze!

  • Don't Lose Sales Over Security Matters 
    Nothing decreases leads or online sales more than a website that does not list as a secure site. Many consumers will not continue to your site to view or purchase your products and services when they get the "not secre" alerts. A Secure Sockets Layer or "SSL" will encrypt your customer's data that is shared between the web server and browser allowing your customers to confidently shop on your site with peace-of-mind. All sites created by Architechs for the Web are built with security as a priority.

The developers and marketing specialists at Architechs for the Web practice what we preach. Our client websites are powered by Fanspike, and the features listed above are all included in each site. As you can imagine, these critical tools are just the tip of the iceberg as there is so much more to explore with us.  If you want your website to draw the customer's attention to your products and services yet provide a customizable line of advanced features for purchasing, marketing and reporting purposes, then outsourcing your website vision to our team of experts will produce valuable guaranteed results with less money and time.

Need an update to your existing webiste? Many of our features and services are compatible with most pre-existing websites. Contact us to find out how we can help materialize your vision for your website and drive traffic to your business with our advanced online marketing strategies. 

Simply put, our sites get results! Check out the ecommerce site we created for License 2 Play, and then use our online form or give us a call to learn more.