Marketing on Facebook for Accounting & CPA Firms

Author : Architechs for the Web
Apr 16, 2020

A businessman looking at Facebook on a laptop on a desk Accountants, did you know this is the ideal season to boost your presence on Facebook? Try using these five hints to make your CPA firm stand out from the rest and drive traffic to your site to attract new clients. When it comes to growing your firm clientele, there are few tools more advantageous than Facebook. Here's why.

What Facebook Offers CPA Firms
With over 2.45 billion active users, you may already be aware of Facebook's potential to attract new clients. But, did you know that the accounting field is growing at a rapid rate thanks to social media platforms like Facebook? If you are ready to expand your presence online and show a larger number of social media users what you have to offer, then an active Facebook page plus helpful advice on group chats is the perfect setting for your social media debut. 

Do I Need to Pay to Play?
The short answer to this question is you can drive more traffic to your website without giving Facebook a dime by taking advantage of the frequent posting opportunities and hashtags to reach more people with your messages about your services. That said, if you are looking for faster results, then a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad is the key to getting your firm in front of more viewers in a shorter period of time. Plus, you can control who sees your ad to ensure you are not wasting your marketing budget on those who are less likely to use your services.

What are My Options for Reaching My Audience?
For organic or free posts, the best way to reach those who would like to use your services is to request your current clients to follow your page and like or, dare we say, share your posts. Then, post often and keep your content engaging, upbeat, and fun.
Also, when clients consent to have their pictures made with your staff and posted online, their friends will see they were tagged in one of your posts and that attracts more followers.

However, when placing a PPC ad, you are able to get your firm's name in front of an entirely different group of individuals who are in need of accounting services you provide. Whatever their active users are searching for online, you can expect that Facebook is tracking their browsing history. This means you are able to tell Facebook to show your ad to a specific demographic who are also shopping for certain categories of products. How does this help a CPA firm? While it is true that everyone needs a good accountant to help with taxes, new business owners who are setting up their office with furniture or businesses that are in the process of expansion that are browsing commercial real estate could be excellent candidates for a CPA firm like yours! 

Which Ad Style Should I Choose?
Once you have decided on your targeted audience demographics and interests, it is time to select a type of ad for your campaign. Facebook offers a lengthy list of ad formats from image or video ads to carousel and collection ads. Your audience, content, and business objectives determine which format is right for each campaign. Plus, you can use a lead ad with an image, video, or carousel ad to learn more about those who click on your ad or spend time browsing your services. For CPA firms who are new to Facebook, be sure to check out the Page Likes ads as a way to introduce your page to those who have demonstrated interest in similar services.

Work With an Experienced Marketing Team
Is your head spinning with the idea of social media posting and ad campaign opportunities? You are not alone. Many CPAs turn to outsourced marketing companies to ensure a greater ROI on their advertising efforts. Look for a team with a proven history of getting results for other CPA firms coupled with customized plans to meet your unique business needs as no two firms are exactly alike.

By taking full advantage of these noted opportunities, you can gain a competitive advantage both within your community and beyond for those offering remote services. While it does not cost you anything except time to make frequent posts on your page or group pages, creating a paid ad campaign offer a faster way to get your firm noticed by potential clients. Contact our results-driven team at (386) 951-4770 for a free consultation to learn more about the most effective Facebook strategies that will help you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible. We have an extensive background in assisting CPA firms get the word out about their services, and we look forward to putting that experience to work for you!