How to Increase Your Sales with Online Marketing

Author : Architechs for the Web
Jan 01, 2020

A man holding a sign for "leads" with lots of drawn online usersAre you searching for ways to generate sales leads and increase the number of consumers who shop at your store or use your services? Try applying these five proven tips to grow your brand online while engaging a larger number of consumers and make more sales. You might find it can be easier than you think.

Increase Ranking
Your road to more sales leads online starts with a powerful fast-loading website that is built for search engine optimization (SEO), contains related keywords to your products and services while offering an eye-catching display of professional images coupled with engaging videos and content that is both helpful and interesting to read. Next, place your commonly searched keywords in a natural flow manner throughout your website and add a blog article monthly or more frequently that also contains some of the keywords. The goal of the articles, images, and website content is to grab the attention of online shoppers and hold their attention long enough to learn about your business and the products or services you sell. As a bonus, the more consumers you attract to your site and the longer they linger on your site, the better chance you have of Google ranking you higher than your competitors. Better rankings mean more traffic to your website which then translates to sales leads.

Google My Business and Organic Postings
It used to be updating your SEO-friendly website was enough to get noticed online. However, with so much competition on the Internet, getting a top spot in the Google ranking for keyword searches can be more challenging. Therefore, it is imperative you complete your Google My Business profile for Google and consumers to find your website online. You will be rewarded with many reporting and communication benefits this free service provides along with the ability to show your customers how to find your store location, post your hours, get reviews, and promote your blog articles and sales deals. While you are in the mood for posting, be sure to set up an account with the different social media platforms and post your articles, product highlights, sales, community events, and interesting related content your consumers would find helpful to spread the word further about your business to these online communities.

Join the Chamber of Commerce
Did you know that your local Chamber of Commerce gives you free marketing perks and networking events with your membership? This organization is all about assisting the area's business communities, and its members are warm sales leads with each activity. However, for online marketing purposes, your website being linked to this nationally recognized and well-reputed organization's site in their directory gives you a healthy leap over your competition in the Google algorithm for search rankings. Why? In an effort to provide the information search users are seeking, Google scours the Internet looking for keywords on pages as it checks for sites that can boast three things: (1) current with frequent updates and postings, (2) popular with online users clicking on your site links, and (3) recommended by other long-standing renowned sites with large volumes of active visitors. Hence, if for no other reason, joining the Chamber of Commerce is an excellent way to boost your Google rankings and tell more people about your products.

Google Ads
If you are already performing the above-recommended actions and you are not in the top three businesses listed for the Google keyword searches or you are a new business owner and you wish to create a larger splash within the Google rankings and social media scene, try placing a paid ad. There are two methods of pay per click (PPC) advertising that are highly effective at generating interest for your products, services, or cause. The first is advertising on a search engine like Google. These ads are shown above the free listings Google finds for the keywords you specify, which works phenomenally for putting your website in front of those already shopping for what you are selling.

Social Media Ads
The second online PPC advertising method is launching a social media ad campaign. Let's say you own a jewelry store and you want anyone within your physical area who is interested in fashion and accessories to see your ad showcasing a designer's latest line of jewelry that you have in stock. By placing an ad through Facebook, for example, you can specify your audience's interests along with the location and age demographics. Keep in mind, social media ads are usually targetting a more passive user who is catching up with friends and family members instead of shopping. That said, anytime you can get your website, brand name, and/or products in the viewing space of a potential consumer with an ad that encourages people to click on it, you are creating interest in what you sell.

Thus, there are several things every business owner should be doing online to increase sales revenue. Start with a website that stands out to online shoppers and Google, then build your blog with informative articles that are shared on Google My Business and social media platforms. Next, join communities like the Chamber of Commerce that will post your website in their directory for those coveted backlinks that tell Google your site is worthy of spotlighting for their search users. Don't forget to launch a couple of PPC ad campaigns that are tailored to reach your potential customers. When you find yourself in need of assistance, contact our experienced results-driven web development and online marketing team using our online form or by calling (386) 951-4770 and get the results you seek!