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Author : Architechs for the Web
Mar 13, 2019

SEO company standing outYou have heard about SEO companies, and you are curious about what they can do for your business. Let's first delve into five reasons a Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" company is critical to your business growth and sales performance in today's competitive market. Then, we will share with you what sets Architechs for the Web apart from the rest and why you should choose us for all your website and online marketing.

Improve Rankings
When you work with an SEO Company, you should see some immediate benefits.  Improved visibility with the organic rankings on a Google keyword search is a great example. While Google often places its results in a Search Engine Results Page or "SERP" above your organic listing, the SEO company's job is to make sure your business is not pushed further down the list into oblivion. You want to be toward the top of results for industry-related keyword searches because your potential customers are not likely to scroll over to page 2, much less 3.

While you may be thinking a good website is all you need for a high organic SEO listing, you would be surprised to learn how many competitors are thinking the same thing. That is why consulting a trusted SEO company to learn more about how to not only move your business higher in the rankings but also keep it at the top is so imperative. With the advantages of the global reach of the Internet in mind, every business owner with a website in your industry is competing for that top spot! 

Increase Traffic
While it may be considered a personal triumph to stop traffic in fashion terms, businesses should stay constantly focused on increasing the flow of traffic to their stores and website. More traffic means an increase in the volume of new and returning patrons coming into your stores, phone calls keeping your staff hopping, online sales transactions and emails from prospective buyers filling up your inbox and producing more work for your growing number of employees. In other words, if you want to see a jump in terms of revenue, increased traffic should be the primary goal. How do you ask? An SEO-friendly website and a team of dedicated marketing experts at an SEO company working hard around the clock to make your business become a household name!

Boost Brand Awareness
Your slick new website ranks high on search returns using the aid of some talented writers who introduce industry-relevant articles on your blog that the SEO bots find both useful and interesting for search users. But, that website and its content are only going to be enough to reach the users searching for your products and services. What about the millions of people who are clearly destined to become loyal customers yet are not being told about your brand? Here is where brand awareness comes in, along with a skilled Facebook and email marketing team who promote your business beyond your current customer search base. Through methods such as frequent Facebook posts and eblasts, the best SEO companies will have your brand's name is recognized by an extended target audience in no time. 

Generate More Sales Leads
Now, this is the best part! That increase in traffic from the higher SEO rankings and brand awareness campaigns links back to your website where consumers place orders or book appointments, which then creates the ultimate goal of a jump in revenue! It does not get any better than that. No expensive television or billboard ads are required for your company to sustainably bring in more revenue. By hiring a trusted and experienced SEO professional team, your business concerns have now shifted from how to generate more sales to how to employ enough people to keep up with the demand.

Gain Exposure To A Wider Audience
Sometimes, your business plan involves promoting a new store location or targeting a different age group of consumers. If for no other reason, using an SEO company is important because their services will allow you to have access to buyers who are not your typical client base or who live outside of your traditional marketing reach. Unless you can afford to advertise during the Super Bowl, putting your name in front of a new demographic can prove challenging to say the least. The good news? Getting help with this task is easy with the right SEO company.

At Architechs for the Web, we understand your fears about creating or broadening your marketing budget. The primary fear most of our clients had before working with us is they would not see a greater return on their investment. This is why our rates are competitive, and we get results! With 5 star reviews and an enthusiastic desire to earn your trust as well, our expert web design and marketing staff look forward to exploring all the ways an SEO company can take your business to the next level.