DME Website Design and Marketing

Author : Architechs for the Web
Jan 15, 2020

A row of hospital bedsAre you in need of a custom-built durable medical equipment (DME) website or help with getting the word out about your business using social media marketing? Our experienced web development and online marketing team has a proven success rate with helping hundreds of companies like yours. Read on to learn how we can help you get started growing your DME business today!

Stand out From the Competition
While the rest of your competition uses a limited capability template that may not fit the full breadth of their online business needs, your site could be powerful, quick-loading, flexible, and a breeze to navigate! The aesthetic beauty of a custom-built site enables you to look like no other and show your customers you run a professional and organized company they can trust. Take control of what you want the public to see about your business' image as well as how you want your content to be presented with a custom-built site. 

Skip the Limited CMS Frustrations
Speaking of restrictions, make sure you hire a team that owns their content management system (CMS). The CMS is what supports and powers your site both with your online shoppers and your employees. This is also where you will upload and edit your content as well as perform other management related tasks. Sites built using someone else's CMS will be forced to conform to the restraints of that application. On the other hand, our Fanspike CMS was created specifically for our clients and powers hundreds of sites all over the U.S. Plus, since we own Fanspike, we have far more capabilities than our competitors to build the website that meets your company needs. Best of all, there are no HTML coding classes required to manage your site's content because it's as simple as 1-2-3 to use!

Get Ranked Higher!
When people search for durable medical equipment (DME) or home medical equipment (HME) products and services, you need a website and marketing team that will give your company a top-ranking spot on search engines like Google for your area or specified keywords. Think of this as a search you are entering for an auto mechanic. You may enter in the keywords "car repair", "vehicle repair shop", or "auto mechanic near me". Then, the Google search bots scour the Internet looking for active sites that are popular and contain your keywords to give you the best-matched website listing based on what Google's algorithm believes will be the most helpful. Of course, if it was that easy, anyone would be able to find a way to the top of the list. Building your one-of-a-kind website to contain the most common keywords that are related to your DME business and using the latest in search engine optimized (SEO) coding is imperative to helping Google see your website as somewhere to find current, interesting, and engaging content. 

Grow Your Brand With Social Media
With so much competition online these days, a first-rate SEO website is sometimes not enough to increase your presence online and become a top-ranking business. Fortunately, you can utilize our expert marketing staff to write a blog for your rockin' new website to be shared on Google My Business and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also ask us to make regular posts about your highlighted products and promotions, launch social media ad campaigns, send customized reports, and much more! 

Enjoy Better Customer Service
Have you ever spent the better part of an hour on hold for customer service only to have to go through the process of explaining the services you use and who you spoke with previously about this question you have? Yeh, we've all been there. Although we know you'll love our website and marketing services, we also think you will appreciate our take on customer service. At Architechs for the Web, we believe your time is valuable and your questions should be answered promptly by a knowledgable team member who is familiar with your business relationship with us. In other words, we enjoy forming a relationship with our clients. When you submit your question by email to us, our team members who are working on your services will be able to see your post and respond. This means you will be able to reach someone who understands what stage of the website development process you are in currently or which social media marketing plan you are on. 

Thus, whether your DME business is brand new to the world of online marketing or you have an established online presence, we can help you reach that next level with our proven website and marketing techniques.  We offer custom professional websites built for your unique business needs, stress-free content management, better Google rankings, and increased visibility online coupled with superior customer service. Contact us today using our online form or call us at (386) 951-4770 for your free consultation and let's build something amazing together.