How Micro-moments can Help Your Business - Part Two of Two

Author : Architechs for the Web
Apr 10, 2017

If you’re new to micro-moments, understanding how exactly they can help your business can be trying. After all, what is in a micro-moment that wasn’t there before with traditional advertising and even SEO optimization? The answer to that question lies in the huge consumer shift to mobile devices. 

On average, a smartphone user checks their phone 150 times per day, spending on average almost three hours interacting with it. When you couple those two facts together, you realize that an average browsing session is only just over a minute long. That’s all the time your business gets to make a lasting impression on the consumer. This is key, because a study by Google in 2015 showed that almost 2/3 of smartphone users are looking for answers to their needs regardless of who is providing them. They’re looking for the most relevant information possible regardless of who is supplying it. 

There are three key essentials to micro-moments and your web presence. First, you have to be there. Second, you have to be useful. Lastly, you have to be quick.

Be There

The key to being there for your mobile consumer base is anticipating how they’re going to find you. Look at your business and think of how someone would search for you. Now use your smartphone and enter those searches. Where does your business fall and how does it look?

Being there is a phrase that all marketers cling to; it doesn’t matter if it’s shelf space, or ad space. That same urgency needs to be applied to your web space as well. See, 90 percent of smartphone users begin with a general query into a product, not sure of what brand they are going to purchase.

Furthermore, 1 in 3 have actually purchased from a different brand than one they intended because they got the information they wanted when they needed it. Your product can beat the corporate giants at their own game just by being faster and more agile when it comes to being there. 

We at Architechs can help you examine your web presence to make sure it’s designed with the mobile user in mind so that when your customer’s needs strike, you can be there.

Be Useful

Of course, while being there is awesome, that’s only the first step. After all, you have to do more than just show up and look good. You need to meet your customers’ needs at that moment when they need you. That also means that you need to keep your customers engaged. 

Customers want information on their phones, but they don’t have the time for a half-hour infomercial anymore. Even five minutes is too long. Look at the average length of a mobile interaction. Your ability to help a user find the answers they need will influence their perception of your brand. And that perception in turn will drive their purchasing decisions.

Mobile users like instructional videos. When they are elbows deep in their car engine or tangled in their child’s hair, there is nothing like being able to view a how-to guide on their smartphone. These how-to guides also help boost sales. Nearly half of smartphone users asked are more likely to purchase goods from companies with instructional videos. 

Be Quick

Mobile users want what they want and they want it right now. Speed and responsiveness of your mobile site are two keys to keeping users from navigating away. The break point for nearly half of mobile users is three seconds. That is, if your site or app doesn’t load in 3 seconds, they are going elsewhere for their needs. 

That’s why mobile optimization is a must for websites now. Whether you’re using a PWA or your site uses AMP, getting information into your customers’ hands quickly is the goal. At Architechs, our web designers understand the back end functionality needed to make your site nimble and quick. But that’s not the only thing. Our engineers will also help you eliminate unnecessary steps in your conversion process that may be shedding customers. Let us help you be there, be useful and be quick.