5 SEO Tools We Love That Give Our Clients a Marketing Advantage

Author : Architechs for the Web
Mar 16, 2020

Analytical data on a tabletOur marketing team members are often asked how we attain such high search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for our clients and attract large volumes of traffic to their sites. Of course, we always explain the first step is to use one of our affordable custom-built websites that will make your brand stand out to online users on any desktop or mobile device with eye-catching designs while checking all the boxes for the latest search engine ranking criteria. Then, based on that client's industry and goals, we strategize and discuss which of our marketing services would best meet the client's objectives. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, our marketing team continually works with some of the most innovative SEO analytical tools available that help us better assess our client needs like these five favs.  

Since Google receives 3.5 billion search queries daily, having a handful of analytical tools at your disposal can be the difference between getting the results clients want and missing out on opportunities to advance. Sometimes improving rankings and generating leads through ad campaigns and increased traffic volume boils down to knowing the right keywords and backlinks to use for our clients' products, services, and demographics. With SpyFu, we can discover which related keywords are receiving the most attention from actively engaged users online. We can also run backlinks searches, domain searches, and track our clients' organic ranking history.

Another great SEO tool that helps us assess and manage our clients' keywords, backlinks, and rankings is SEMrush. In addition to the aforementioned features, SEMrush is a flexible platform that provides a useful traffic analysis and searches for advertising and guest blogging opportunities that will make an impact. These features are especially helpful for those clients just beginning to develop ad campaigns online. After all, is there anything more frustrating in advertising than spending money on the wrong demographics and keywords? As a bonus, we like this product for running a cross-comparison to check out the competition and find out both what is working and what is not working for their keywords. We find this information is instrumental for the backend of websites as well as ad campaigns and blogs.

When you need the numbers on your organic search report for keywords to be accurate, we suggest using Ahrefs. This platform offers data on over 150 million keywords and tirelessly crawls 5 billion web pages and 170 million root domains daily to offer you a trusted source of marketing data. Like SpyFu and SEMrush, this SEO tool is indispensable for those looking for information on competitor ranking keywords, useful backlinks that will have a positive affect on your ranking, and how your site stacks up to the competition.

Moz Pro
While we are big fans of all three of the above tools, Moz Pro demonstrates consistently that there is a reason their metrics have become an industry standard with data from Internet-wide crawling that is unlike any other. We particularly like the way you can change the keyword rankings to fit the client's industry and demographics before adding them to the Moz Pro campaign for tracking. Talk about an intuitive way to search, compare, and track! But, one of the most useful elements for many marketing professionals is the page optimization suggestions feature. It makes you feel like you are not alone in your endeavor to improve your client's rankings.

Google Data Studio
If like us you often find yourself favoring Google Analytics, then you will be awestruck by Google Data Studio. This platform gives all your data a customizable center stage. As you know, we are all about custom features and flexibility, and Google Data Studio has plenty of both! No more toggling back and forth. Design your dashboard the way that works best for you with multiple properties or data sources, unlimited charts and tables, and create calculated fields and metrics. Best of all, you can share reports as easily as you can in Google Docs! Yeh, it's that cool!

In short, while our marketing team applies many tricks to the trade that we have picked up over the years, these five tools have given us the extra data we need to help our client reach that next level of service and results. For more information on what we can do to help your business stand out from the pack online, fill out our convenient online form or call us at (386) 951-4770. We look forward to learning more about your organization and finding effective ways to meet your marketing goals!