Why Your Website is Not Showing Up on Google

  • Mar 01, 2022
  • Architechs for the Web
  • General Info

A man is typing in the Google searchIf you have a website and your sales have dropped recently or if you have never seen a bump in sales since launching your website, chances are your business is not showing up on Google searches. An easy way to check is to search for the services or products you offer. If your website URL does not show on the first couple of pages of the organic search return or your business is not listed in Google Maps, the following issues may be the reason your website is not effectively driving online users to your business.

Little is more frustrating from a marketing standpoint than owning a website that is not helping your business grow. You have a website and yet your online sales leads are going to your competitors. But, why is this happening?

1) Your Website is Outdated
One common problem is your website was built over two years ago. A lot has changed for search engines like Google as well as the way people search for your products and services online. The Internet is constantly evolving as search engines strive to increasingly customize the user’s experience while providing more targeted results. What the means for your two-year-old website is the updates may not be enough to meet the changing algorithm requirements or key ingredients may be missing altogether.

2) Your Website is Too Similar to the Competition
When you search for the items you offer and your competition pops up, take some time to explore their websites. Do you notice any similarities? Sometimes, you will see too many similarities as their websites are basically the same as yours with different colors and a flipped layout design. If your website does not stand out, it can be hard for both Google and the online users you are trying to attract to distinguish your business from a competitor.

3) Your Website is Missing Important Information
Many business owners make the mistake of thinking basic contact information and perhaps a quick summary of the products and services being offered is all that is required for a website to thrive online. Over a decade ago, shoppers were more likely to take time to drive to a store and walk around to browse. The business phone number and address, along with a list of products and services, may have been all the information the prospective buyer needed to visit the physical location and browse the aisles or schedule an appointment for a service.

These days, online users want more details before they shop either online or off, much less schedule an appointment. Namely, they want to know how your philosophy, team, products, and services are different from those your competitors are offering. What do you offer that your customers cannot find anywhere else? If your website is lacking in the details, your online sales leads will likely go to a competitor.

4) Your Website Doesn't Pass the Visual Test
Does your website offer a clean design with eye-catching images or videos and intuitive navigation that makes it easy to find helpful information? When you compare your website to your competitors online or even as you browse other unrelated sites that make you want to stick around to explore more, how does your site compare?

Google pays close attention to how long online users linger on each page. The longer your customers stay on your site, the better your rankings. Therefore, giving them a reason to not only visit your link but also keep reading about your business and/or your offerings is critical.??Make sure your images and videos are engaging, there are multiple ways to find and/or filter a search for a product, your site looks great on mobile devices, and your blog is packed with informative and well-written articles that contain a minimum of 750 words. In other words, your site needs to convey that you are the expert at what you offer and site visitors can trust your products and services.

5) Your Website has Poor Keyword Management
All of the hard work, money, and effort you pour into your website and marketing will not begin to pay off until Google can link your site with related keywords and phrases. This does not mean it’s time to overstuff your product and services words throughout your website. Instead, write your content in a natural flow. Then, go back and check for grammatical errors and see if you have used commonly searched terms and phrases where they make sense in your descriptions and articles.

Now, the Good News!
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