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  • May 02, 2016
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Orlando is home to over 130,000 businesses ranging from small, family owned establishments to large international corporations and many of those businesses are on the web or moving to it. Competing on the web takes on a different scope than brick and mortar competition, simply because potential customers cannot see your products, store, or talk to you in person. Instead, they judge who you are and what you can offer based on your website and its content. This means that great web design should be a priority for any business moving to the web.

For most Orlando businesses using websites to promote their products and services, and as a marketing tool, rather than as an ecommerce platform, your website is geared towards creating leads, and that means understanding what your consumers are looking for and how you can use your website to solve those problems. Your web designer should understand marketing, local demographics, and your business brand and goals, so that they can create a website that reflects who you are, answers consumer problems, and leads the visitor down the page to convince them to take action or make a purchase.

For those that are selling products and services directly on the web, it is crucial that you have a responsive ecommerce platform that supports multiple devices, supports cross channel integration to allow you to sell using larger retailers like Amazon or Shopify, and that you present your products and services in a way that makes people want to buy them.

All of these factors require great web design. And in Orlando, there are dozens of local web design companies offering a range of services and skills, and choosing one of them can be difficult, especially if you aren't familiar with offerings, qualifications, or even what you need.

Web Designer Qualifications

Most good Orlando web design companies employ a team that involves designers, strategists, communications specialists, and usually marketers. This allows them to tackle every part of the web design process, including optimization for search, user experience optimization, and much more. 

In many cases, team members will have degrees in graphic design, marketing, communications, business, web design, and web development. There are also a lot of web designers in the Florida area, thanks to the fact that there are more than 20 schools in the state offering web design courses. For example, Winter Tech Avalon Campus, the International Academy of Design & Technology, and the Florida Technical College all offer Orlando based web design classes. 

But, not all web designers have a degree in web design, and it's important to differentiate when that matters. One of your primary concerns should be that the web is quickly evolving, and someone with a degree in web design from 15 years ago would have learned something completely different than today's standards. As a result, many designers have certifications and training in graphic design, which allows them to create beautiful websites, while learning to work with new technologies and web standards as they are implemented. As a result, the most important qualification to look for is a great portfolio, and a history of happy customers. 

Sourcing a Local Web Designer 

With more than a few options to choose from, it can be difficult to find and select the right Orlando web designer. However, you can approach your choice by trying to choose the best designer for your needs, budget, and website. 

One common misconception is that all web designers are the same and that you will get the same services no matter who you choose. This isn't quite correct. In fact, many designers specialize in specific types of sites, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or custom CMS designs. Part of your choice should involve the content management system you want. If you're not sure, you should choose a designer that offers several and is willing to help you find the best option for your needs. 

You also want to look for a designer with a portfolio, because it is important that you like their previous work and style before paying for a website. 

Orlando Web Design Companies

  • Designzillas - Designzillas is an Orlando based web design company focusing on custom web development and web design, with some inbound and content marketing services.
  • Highforge - Highforge offers a focus on digital marketing with web design, and integrates the two to offer WordPress design, hosting setup, and graphic design services.

  • Architechs for the Web is a full service web development company. Over the past 14 years, their team of web experts have been creating websites for hundreds of businesses throughout Orlando and abroad. In addition, they specialize in digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click management and Social Media Marketing.

Choosing Your Orlando Web Design Firm

Choosing the right web designer is important if you want a great website, so it is crucial that you look at your options, decide what types of websites you like, and approach your choice of designer based on what they can deliver to you. If you're choosing a local Orlando web designer, you can also meet them in person to make sure they understand you and your brand before proceeding. 

Good web design works to meet your and your business needs, appeals to your customer demographic, and is designed around a user experience. No matter which local Orlando web designer you choose, make sure that they can take these factors into account.

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