How to Use Reels to Boost Your Sales

  • Jan 15, 2022
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Facebook and Instagram icons on a cell phoneIf your organic posts are not reaching enough users on Facebook and Instagram, creating Reels could offer the boost you’ve been missing to grow your audience and attract more viewers to your page or website. Since late September of 2021, Facebook has joined Instagram in allowing users to share Reels - a decision that may have transformed business social media marketing tactics forever. Check out these 4 key Reels strategies that could have a massive impact on your online reach, search return rankings, and sales conversions in 2022.

Videos Get More Views
If the primary goal of your social media posting is to introduce your products and services to more people in order to generate sales leads and encourage a higher volume of sales conversions, then you want to expand your viewership and prompt more engagement through your content. But, these are not easy tasks to check off your marketing plan. You’ll need some assistance from popular tools like Reels for social media algorithms to promote your posts in the first place as well as make a more memorable impression on those who are seeing them. Reels are videos you create, upload, and edit that last under 60 seconds and, unlike Stories, can stay on your account indefinitely.

Don’t get us wrong. Consistently posting images and text content to your feed is equally important to maintain a connection with your followers thereby building customer loyalty and trust in your business, which is particularly critical for improving your Google rankings. However, if you want your post to be shown to more Facebook or Instagram users, you should definitely consider creating a multitude of Reels as these videos are often prioritized by the channel’s algorithm and may be shared in multiple locations. For example, Reels can be featured in Explore, which allows those who have not yet discovered your page to learn about your business and offerings as they surf for relatable and engaging content.??As if that’s not reason enough to start crafting a series of videos to upload, you can post your Reels in both your designated Reels location on your account and your Stories. Therefore, you have two locations for friends to see and share your Reels. Just remember, each will only be available for up to 24 hours in Stories. After that, they disappear.

So, now that you’re ready to upload Reels to your feed, you may be wondering how to place your products and services in the right light so as to attract more views. Try these strategies to grow your reach faster.

1. Keep it Real
When creating your videos to upload to your Reels, it may help to think of your audience as family members or friends who are catching up with you after being out of touch for a long time. This way, you will remain relaxed and casual while developing your brand as you describe your products and services, chat about how your products are made, introduce new features you offer, and simply talk about why you love what you do.

2. Original Content Only, Please
It may be tempting to share your TikTok video to your feed, but Instagram and Facebook will show the original content you create to more viewers. Thus, it’s important to keep the content fresh. As a side note, another advantage of unique content is your followers will stay interested in your posts. One suggestion is to talk about your products as if you are being interviewed and showcasing each feature in the video as you describe it instead of using professional videos the manufacturer produced.

3. Answer FAQs
If you are experiencing a creative block regarding witty or humorous content, it’s always good to think about what your target audience will want to know about you and your team, your business, your industry, your products and services, or your special offers. We always love watching Reels where a co-worker holds the phone while another team member demonstrates using the product’s top features. These types of videos can be seriously addictive to watch when the demonstrations include real-world scenarios.

4. Add Polish and Pizazz
Once you have finished the videos, don’t forget to add your music, captions, related hashtags, special effects, and, of course, covers with some title text. A little polish can go a long way in establishing trust and attracting more unique viewers who are not familiar with your products to your Reels.

One last note, while it is always easier to share your Facebook Reels to your Instagram feed, a separate video for each channel may be best for most of your business goals. This way those who follow your page in both social media channels will not become bored with seeing the same shared content. In other words, keep it fresh and relatable to maximize the many rewards of your Reels marketing efforts.

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