How to Use Your Reels to Promote Your Business

  • May 01, 2022
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Instagram app is on a laptop and phoneMove over pics, Facebook and Instagram Reels are offering more opportunities for businesses to promote products and services in unique and engaging ways. But, if you're just getting started, here's a step-by-step guide on how to begin building your Reels library to grow your reach today!

What is a Reel?
Reels are short videos that are directly recorded and posted on Facebook or Instagram. Since you can add music and auto-captions, Reels are helpful for businesses looking to promote their products or make announcements in a fresh way to keep followers engaged in their feed. As opposed to Stories that expire after 24 hours, Reels can be stored indefinitely.

Where to Post It
Great news! Unlike traditional pic posts, there are 3 places to post your Reels, which means your chances of your content being seen is significantly greater. Post Reels on your Stories tab, Explore Feed, and, of course, your Reels tab. Also, you can share your Reels to your Instagram page from Facebook and vice versa without being penalized by the channels' algorithms. 

How to Add a Reel to Your Business Facebook Page
Open your Facebook app on your phone. Search for your business. Scroll down past the "Post" button until you find a light blue "Create a Post" button. Note, this is not the medium blue "Create Post" button at the bottom. Yes, it's a bit confusing, but stay with us - it'll all be easy and fun from here out. Once you have found the light blue "Create a Post" button, select "Reel" below the button on the right. 

From this point, you can change your lighting at the top of your screen and all of your editing tools are on your right for getting started. Simply use the editing tools to add music and special effects, edit the length or speed, and play with your background using the green screen tool.

Now, it's time to hit the record button in the middle of the bottom of your screen. The video will record to your set length and more editing tools will appear after completing your video on your right that will enable you to reshoot the video, add music and voice-over or caption options, add text for the whole clip or part of it, select stickers, and save it to download it for future use. You can also make multiple clips or edit them down.

Warning - Before clicking "Next", it is important to pay attention to what is displaying in your video. You guessed it - whatever face you are making in your video when you click "Next" is going to be your cover screenshot image for your Reel. Lastly, select public, type your message, and click "Share reel". Voilà! Your Reel is now posted and ready for sharing.

How to Add a Reel to Your Instagram Page
Similar to Facebook's setup, Instagram allows you to make Reels from your phone. Start by opening their app and clicking the plus icon to select "Reel". If this is your first Reel, you can choose to "Learn more about Reels" or simply click "Get started". Note that at the bottom of your screen, you can switch your option to "STORY" or "LIVE" before continuing. After uploading a Reel to Facebook, your recording tools should look familiar, except on the left. At the bottom of your screen, you will find your recording icon.

Once your video has been recorded, select "Preview" and add your audio clip, voiceover, stickers, and special effects. Don't forget the (1) captions in case your audience has the sound turned off when they view your Reel and (2) tags, including any partnering businesses. 

What Do Popular Reels Have in Common?
Developing content for videos and social media posts, in general, is often the biggest challenge for business owners. When it comes to promotional Reels, some of the most popular ones we've seen revolve around how to use the product or exploring a key feature up close. Also, contests and interactive surveys are always a big hit. The main thing to remember with Reels is you want the content to be engaging and tailored to your audience as if you are talking directly to that individual viewing your video. You also want it to include a tag when possible and an added text box with your website address or store phone number.

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