Our Process

Our web development team at Architechs for the Web has been designing, building, and powering custom websites using our own robust content management system for hundreds of clients since 2001. While we proudly work with for profit and nonprofit companies headquartered throughout the United States, including those clients who reside in our home state of Florida. Partnering with clients of all sizes and many industry types with locations in multiple states for well over 15 years has taught us the value of stepping through the below process to design a one of a kind website with one goal in mind - taking your company to the next level!

1. Research
You will notice the Architechs for the Web difference from day one of the web design process as we take time to interview your stakeholders in order to gain a better understanding of your business. We ask questions like what is the history of your company, what products and services to you offer, and what is it about your company that sets you apart? In the research or discovery phase, we ask about your current challenges, plans for growth, website must-haves, and any design ideas or images you would like to share, along with the overall budget for the project. This information helps the development team plan for the scope of the site regarding the number of pages needed and the complexity of the site in order to create a timeline for the project. Also during this phase, we take time to look at your competitive landscape and compile a suggested strategy for your project.
2. Website Kick-Off Meeting
During this phase, we discuss our research findings and talk more in-depth about where you are in terms of online marketing and what you hope to gain with your new website. This is also the point where we delve into the finer details with. Who is your targetted audience in terms of demographics and interests? What are your content needs in terms of size and placement in the size? We also discuss the web design elements, mobile design components, overall functionality, and search engine marketing aspects of the website. Social media posts, advertising campaigns, and other related marketing services that fit with your company vision and budget may be suggested as well.
3. Structural, Layout & Navigation
After the kick-off meeting, our team begins to work on the website structure, layout, and navigation. We develop a sitemap and wireframe for your website that assists us in planning out where the different elements will go in the site to produce a streamlined appearance to attract your user audience as well as an intuitive navigation structure to make it easy to sort through the website content. These elements serve as a guide your team will use to provide the necessary content that will make up the website, such as important information about your services and products, photos, and videos . For example, if all your photos are landscape, this meeting affords a chance to make any alterations to the original layout to accommodate the landscape shape across the site. Hence, all of this is completed before we move to the web design phase where you can see how it all comes together visually.
4. Website Design
Pulling from the information gathered in the previous steps, it’s now time to determine the look and feel of your site.

Our web designer will share a few designs for your web site. This is typically an image of what the final design will look like. This is your opportunity to express your likes and thoughts regarding the website design.

In this phase, we realize that communication between both you and our designer is crucial. We do everything we can to ensure that the final web site will match your needs and taste. By working closely with our designers and exchanging ideas with our team, we are confident that you will love the final design for your web site.
5. Website Content
The bottom line is that Content is King. Google loves great unique content. As your content development specialists, we have a very important role to play in the search engine optimization process. The wireframe developed in stage 3 serves as the guide. This helps our clients create the content needed for the website. While we look to our clients for content, our team is here to help. We have professional writers on staff that can help create high quality unique content.
6. Digital Marketing Strategy
The secret of using digital marketing to grow your business is not a fancy new tool. There is no “one simple trick” that will earn you double revenue. It is It's much simpler and timeless: knowing your customer.

Check out our Blog full of digital marketing, social media, content management and website design nuggets of wisdom!
7. Website Programming and Testing
Now it's time to program the website. During the build design phase, we start building the site, adding content, digital elements and functionality. This is usually the longest part of the process.

Another part of this process includes Usability Testing. We test the usability of the site to see how the average visitor will browse it.
8. Website Training
Architechs for the Web prides itself on a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) developed to be easy to use.

To assure our clients are equipped to use the website, Architechs for the Web schedules time to cover overall system use. The goal of this training is to make sure all of the information about the website is transparent and that you understand the basic logic behind the code.

Adding content, editing images and making changes to your websites can be done from any device or location that has WiFi.