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Content marketing has proved to be vital for businesses and will continue to be so in the coming years. Content marketing improves customer loyalty, boosts engagement and brand awareness. In the past, having a content marketing strategy was an option, but now it's essential to an effective website, as well as, a driver of business growth.
According to Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of Webspam, Google implements over 500 algorithm changes per year - that’s an average of one to two changes per day. Many of these changes are small and unannounced, but some are much more substantial and far reaching.
When we look at your company’s website, we look at it through the Google Lens. Many of Google’s updates have targeted what they consider “low quality sites”. Websites that exist solely to affect the way results appear in search engine, or spammy, human-unfriendly website, are considered low quality.
One thing is clear. Google updates have led to one conclusion. Content is King. Not only is content important, but it's even more important that people are reading and sharing it?
Developing and adding content to your website is an awesome way to:
- Accelerate your content marketing initiatives.
- Build reputation and visibility.
- Increased Credibility
- Attract more links to your website.
- Attract more social shares.
- Accelerate Fan Base Growth.
We have seen consistent increases in website traffic after implementing digital online marketing services. In addition, it is wise to build your online presence to a point where Google is not your sole significant source of traffic.
Through years of experience, Architechs for the Web has built a solid network of talented content writers that create great, unique, high quality content for our clients blogs and social network posts. Not only are is our team of writers well educated college graduates, but they have that special gift of storytelling.
Give Architechs for the Web a call today so we can start telling your story and help build your brand. Ask about our FREE Website Audit that helps identity the strengths and opportunities in your current content marketing efforts.