Website Grants for Nonprofits

Website Grants for Nonprofit OrganizationsOur team at Architechs for the Web has over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of businesses, including many nonprofits.

We understand that some nonprofit organizations have cash constraints, especially when first getting started. In many cases, they do not have the resources or the expertise to create a modern, mobile & impactful website. Architechs for the Web created the Nonprofit Website Grant program for this very reason.

We encourage you to apply as early as possible. Our goal is to help your nonprofit organization have an even bigger impact online. Our website grants also include ongoing digital marketing services.

Questions or Concerns?
Please email any questions to

Website Grant Guidelines:

  • Currently, our grants are limited to matching grants, and discounts toward the services, products, and training we provide our clients.
  • Picture your nonprofit showcasing a $5,000 or more website for the fraction of the cost, resulting in savings of 50% to 75%, depending on the scope of the project. 
  • Web Design and Marketing Grant applications are currently being accepted. Grants are reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Grants are primarily awarded to nonprofits organizations. Individuals or for-profit companies may apply to determine if partial grant funds are available.
  • Please indicate your organization's business name, and if you are interested in a new website and/or digital marketing services. We will follow up with additional information. Feel free to email us directly with this information at

Since we receive more requests each year than we can fund, we urge you to apply for a website grant today. Please note, we are not able to fund ideas that do not fit within our current programming framework and service offerings.